in a rural setting in Vernon, Vermont. Tiny Bread Box is a small-batch home bakery offering a variety of freshly baked goods from our automated self-serve farm stand every Saturday.

About our Baked Goods

Our bread is naturally leavened with a wild sourdough yeast culture and made using Tangzhong which produces a soft and moist crumb while also increasing the shelf-life. We specialize in making small-batch from scratch milk bread and pastries. Our menu usually changes every month so check our social media for the latest list of available products. The menu below shows the range of baked goods we offer on a rotational basis.

Milk Bread Loaf
Soft, fluffy & slightly sweet. Made using all white flour.

Comes as 1 large unsliced loaf.

Cinnamon Roll
50% chewy and 50% gooey. Filled with dark brown sugar and topped with cream cheese icing. Made using tangzhong to add moisture and extend shelf-life. Comes individually packaged.

Our palmeritas are made using buttery laminated pastry dough that is covered in sugar, rolled into a heart shaped and baked to a perfect crunchy caramelized exterior. These are addictive and go well with coffee or simply as a snack.

Brioche Sourdoughnuts
Our brioche doughnuts are fried to a golden perfection and comes filled with cream, fruit filling or covered in cinnamon sugar.

About the Baker

I’m Natalia Meijome and all my baked goods are made fresh weekly from my licensed home bakery.

— I’m a baker because I believe that food is the ultimate unifier.

I’m an Argentine American and I was born in Utah. Our family moved around a lot when I was growing up. My father is from Argentina and we lived there for a big portion of my childhood, which is where I get a lot of inspiration for my creations. I vividly remember the ritual of visiting our favorite local panadería (bakery) in Buenos Aires anytime there was a birthday, holiday or other celebration. Now I am very inspired to try and recreate many of the baked goods that I experienced throughout my childhood and to share that culture and food with others. I also received a B.S. in Physics in 2012 and have a passion for the arts and sciences.

Tiny Bread Box

300 Basin Road,
Vernon, VT 05354